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At Tino Marine, we think there’s always a better way to design boats – a real opportunity to challenge the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of technology, design, and finish. We’re testing what’s normal and constantly improving the traditional recreational boat in every way possible.


We have used our knowledge in boat building, our skills in marine design and our experience working with super yachts all around the world to create a craft that not only outperforms expectations, but that looks stunning at rest or at speed.


Many produce boats that are ‘more of the same’ constrained in a mold without imagination. Our design philosophy of “if you can draw it you can build it” and the ability to visualise forms not yet realised
produces designs that seamlessly blend form and function in a way that other designers in the industry envy.
This attention to detail and unlimited imagination is at the heart of our designs and
enables our bespoke crafts to stand out as an innovative leader in its class.

Nicholas Fenton

A man with a dream

Nicholas has a passion for design and engineering that was apparent at a very young age. His creativity often amazed friends and relatives with his extraordinary ability to deconstruct, improve and rebuild projects. His family believed his career would be working in the marine industry as he always had a fascination for boats from early childhood. It is common to see Nicholas sitting on the side of a harbor with a sketchbook almost in a tranquil state of meditation studying and analysing the vessels going by, in a way that only someone with salt water and pencil running through their veins will create the lines, the attitude, the wake, the detail, is she pretty, would I be proud if she was mine?


 “It will be an art form to be proud of 

that will stand apart from the others – this keeps
my blood warm and my heart beating” 
-Nicholas Fenton

Madlena Dimitrova

An eye for details

Madlena has over 15 years of experience within the luxury marine industry. Super-yacht projects have taken her all over the world and work with clients from a variety of nationalities. From Russia to USA and most places in between. This broad range of clients and projects has given Madlena an unrivaled understanding of the Global Luxury Marine Industry. Interior and special design come naturally to Madlena and the challenge of designing spaces that are not only comfortable but functional is what she thrives on. This is no more evident than her favorite quote:

“There are no problems only solutions”